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Date May 2017
Skills Content strategy, website design, photo direction


When Alissa came to us, she wanted her branding to match her signature, custom ukelele case. So we started with a color palette that incorporated all the colors of the rainbow. As we continued to work, we narrowed it down to yellow and pink — partially because we love working with pink, and partially because we knew Alissa loves pink. And when we showed her the finished palette, which incorporated bright yellow, hot pink and a soft, baby pink, she fell in love.

Alissa has a strong, innate understanding of visual branding and of how color can work to create a mood, so she was a dream client for us. Her eagerness to embrace our work and take it to the next level made this one of the funnest projects we’ve worked on to date. As you’ll see, she has continued carrying her signature colors not just through her marketing materials, but even through her clothing choices. 


One of the biggest reasons we typically work from a standard palette is so that photography can be coordinated to match the design of a site. We determined very early on that this synergy was one of the biggest factors in giving our work a cohesive, polished feel, and we work very closely with photographers to achieve the right mood and feel for all our clients’ photo shoots. In this case, we worked closely with Alissa on her wardrobe choices for her shoots — down to makeup and jewelry choices — and on props and locations for the shoots. She took it from there and directed her photographer. (We were serous, she’s a pro!) We were absolutely ecstatic with the quality of the images we had to work with when it was all said and done.


Having a strong palette meant that Alissa could then commission original artwork in her brand colors — and she worked with some absolutely amazing illustrators to develop imagery for use in her promotional materials. We literally couldn’t love this more than we do.




The strength of the color palette also allowed Alissa to carry her look and feel through all of her promotional materials with ease. Even using different styles and typefaces, the strong yellow and pink color scheme gives all her materials a strong sense of cohesiveness.


Last but not least, having a strong palette has allowed Alissa to continue to build on her brand look, by investing in wardrobe choices that incorporate her color scheme. We literally could not be more excited than we are when she texts us images of her latest wardrobe choices for live performances and photo shoots.



Testimonial coming soon!
Alissa Hunnicutt


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