Predicted to have the #2 real estate market in the United States in 2016, St. Louis has a lot going on — including a booming downtown revitalization and an amazing tax credit program that provides affordable housing for artists. It was also declared the city with the #1 fastest growing startup scene by Business Insider (beating out Austin, at #7). We think St. Louis will be the city to watch over the next couple years, in a whole lotta ways.


Home to the University of Missouri and the renowned Missouri School of Journalism, Columbia is consistently voted one of the best places to live in the United States. (And having gone to said journalism school, the royal “we” might be just a little biased about its general awesomeness.) Columbia has an interesting startup scene all its own and continues to produce some of the best journalistic talent in the world. We can’t wait to see how this city will affect the digital landscape.


Austin’s not just known as “The Next Silicon Valley” (according to Forbes) and “The Live Music Capital of the World” (according to everybody) — it’s got some of the best food known to mankind. Seriously. While downtown Austin has been exploding over the past several years (with somewhat mixed reviews from the locals), this city rarely fails to live up to its reputation for down-home friendliness and a laid-back good time.

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